about the artist

Susan Giroux-Cohen

Susan Giroux-Cohen

Having grown up in Vermont, Sue is a true New England girl with a passion for experiencing the beauty and diverse four seasons that only New England can provide.

She is inspired by the impressive colors that spring, summer, fall and winter bring to New England and much of her work is influenced by the way color and light coexist with each other during these dramatic changes in color from season-to-season.

Sue has been practicing the art of working with stained glass for over ten years. “Suebee Glass” was created in 2010 to bring Mother Nature’s exquisite beauty directly into your home through her many varied designs inspired by New England’s four seasons.

All of Sue’s work is of original design and handcrafted using a wide variety of colored glass and a lot of imagination. She is trained on customary stained glass techniques utilizing both the Tiffany copper foil and traditional lead caming approaches.

All formations start with colored various stained glass that is made from silica sand, limestone and soda ash. These types of glasses are highly specialized hand or machine made by Wissmach, Kokomo, Bullseye and Spectrum glass sources.  Sue particularly likes working with iridized glass where metallic salts applied to opalescent or cathedral glass create vivid mother-of-pearl colors reflecting off the glass surface.

Some of Sue’s designs can be purchased at local stores in Pepperell, MA and most notably at the Handworks Gallery in Acton, MA and the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Store in Lincoln, MA.